The Rockingham County Republican Committee actively promotes the founding American principles of Individual Liberty, Efficient Government and Creating Opportunities for all. The Committee represents the 37 communities of Rockingham County. The Committee is focused on local, county and state political initiatives.

Electing Republicans that support the New Hampshire Advantage of low taxes and efficient government will improve New Hampshire’s economy and create jobs.

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New Hampshire Republican Party

31July2016 (L Wickett) (01)EPPING, N.H. —Candidates from all over the Republican ballots came out to the American Legion Hall in Epping Sunday to shake hands and meet voters.  Among the 60 candidates who attended were several seeking the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas said he’s the most qualified person running for the job as governor.  “I’m the only candidate that has business, legislative and executive experience,” he said. “I’ll be ready on Day 1 to go up and govern in Concord when I’m elected governor. And I think that’s what people are looking for.”

Executive Councilor Chris Sununu said he’s been talking to voters all over the state about what issues are important to them. “The opioid crisis, how do we get our economy moving again,” Sununu said are among the issues most important to Granite Staters. “I mean, our economy is really stagnant. How do we drive business into New Hampshire? People do realize we haven’t driven any major business into this state in a while.”

Jon Lavoie, a sales and marketing manager for a small business, portrays himself as a regular guy running for office, not a politician.  “I think that politics has become an exclusive club of millionaires and career politicians moving up in the ladder to better their own political environment,” Lavoie said.

The Rockingham County Republican Committee hosted the meet-and-greet event, giving voters a chance to talk to candidates one-on-one.  “We’ve spent the last year or so going through the national politicians coming through our towns and our committees,” said Chairman Brian Murphy. “Now it’s locals, and so hearing what they want to do in Concord is a big part of this and getting the grassroots out.”
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RNC Statement on Democratic Convention

PHILADELPHIA – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on the final night of the Democrat National Convention:

“Time and again, Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and cronyism have proved she is the wrong person to lead our country as president. The American people have had enough of the corruption, the deceit, and the stonewalling which have been the hallmarks of her entire career. After decades of lying to the public, politically-motivated flip flops, a family foundation that took millions from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State, and repeated and blatant lies over her reckless mishandling of classified information, the only sure thing about Hillary Clinton is that she puts her own political interests above the rest of us. Tonight’s speech was merely a litany of platitudes which dodged a serious discussion of our slumping economy and our diminished standing in the world under President Obama, topics which should be well-known to her after spending years in his cabinet. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate Washington insider at a time when Americans are eager to break with eight years of a Democrat status quo, and there’s no doubt her longtime pattern of shady conduct and double standards will continue if she is elected president.

“Americans can no longer afford a system which takes care of the well-connected at the expense of everyone else, and a Clinton presidency only means a third term of President Obama’s failed policies, just with more corruption and secrecy. Now is the time to break from a left-wing agenda which has shrank paychecks, left America more ripe for terrorist attacks, and reduced our freedoms. With Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Americans can look forward to being prosperous at home, respected abroad, and having their voices heard once again.”
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