Chairman’s Egg Nog Social held in December 2023 at The Exeter Inn. Pictured are (from left): Denise Katz, area chair; Treasurer Bill Smith; John O’Blenis III, area chair; Chairman Jason B. Grosky; Secretary Janet Huttula and Vice Chair Janan Archibald. Not pictured: Joseph Sweeney, finance chair; and Pam Skinner, assistant treasurer. 

RCRC e-board with Ambassador Haley

RCRC Meetings

Thank you to the panel that provided a Legislative Review of the current session - including Senator Morse, Senator Barnes, Minority Leader Hinch, Representative Edwards and the Honorable Spec Bowers. . . . . The biggest takeaway - the proposed Democrat Budget will result in a NH income tax in 2020 or 2021. NO THANK YOU!

2017 RCRC e-board with Sen. Tim Scott

Chairman Brian Murphy awarded Norris Cotton award