Thank you to all of our Rockingham County Republican Committee Members for your hard work, dedication to the organization and generous contributions. Consider joining the RCRC as a member and show that you support the New Hampshire advantage and are committed to helping elect Republicans down the ticket who will work to improve New Hampshire’s economy and create jobs. Show your support now with a $25 donation!

2022 MEMBERSHIP (thank you all!)

Lilli Walsh (a super giver!)

William Smith (another super giver!)

Roseanna Spizzirri

Gary Escher (double-member)

Andy Kohlhoefer (another super giver!)

Liz Thomas (another super giver!)

Rep. Doug Thomas (another super giver!)

Regina Barnes

Rep. Jess Edwards (a grassroots giver, and then some!)

Kristine Perez

Jeff Denaro

Liz Gabert

Laura El-Azem

Paul Hamblett (grassroots giver)

Bob Connors (grassroots giver, plus)

Judy Hamilton

Bill Koury

Pamela Brown

Mike Magoon

Nan May (RCRC advocate)

Norm Olsen (grassroots giver)


Rep. Doug Thomas

Liz Thomas

Rep. JD Bernardy

William Smith

Roseanna Spizzirri

Lilli Walsh

Bill Smith

Andrew Kohlhofer

Carlton Lane

John Valvanis

Tracy Kelly

Bruce Stinson

Bill Koury

Dustin Cournoyer

Srinivasan “Ravi” Ravikumar

Robert Levant

Virginia Morse

Pamela Brown

Diane Bitter

Elizabeth Bixby

Robert Leavitt

Philip Abirached

Ginny Busby

Phil Busby

Johanna Greenlaw

Vincent Penzo

Srinivasan Ravi Ravikumar

Liz Gabert

Jordan Tracy

Robert Malo

Carol Bush

Jeanene Cooper

Scott Baker

John Scully

Charles Herring

Emily Sandblade

Julian Acciard

George Waldron

Robert Malo

Lorie Ball

Robert Lamothe

Steven Lewis (sponsor for Sen. Cotton breakfast)

Rep. Daryl Abbas (sponsor for Sen. Cotton breakfast)

Ryan Lent (thank you for being a 2-time sponsor for Sen. Cotton breakfast)

Daniel Gray (grassroots donor)

James Dozier (thank you for being a key RCRC Sponsor!)

James Dozier (also a member)

Jon Ringel (2-time member of the Chairman’s Egg Nog Social Nice List)

Vincent Chestnut (member of Chairman’s Egg Nog Social Nice List)