Everything You Want (And Need) to Know about Israel, the Arab Conflict, Myths and Misconceptions

We are excited to invite you (and give you early notice) of our March 6th meeting of RCRC for a discussion on Israel. Our guest speaker is Itamar Haviv, an Israeli educator, desert farmer and former member of the Israeli Defense Forces. Registration is required.

In our session, Itamar will talk bout the connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, the roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the current war, and debunk common myths and misconceptions about the situation.

Itamar Haviv

Over the last 15 years, Itamar has devoted himself to teaching and mentoring within leadership academies and informal educational programs across Israel. His primary focus is on educating and lecturing about Jewish and Israeli heritage, especially among the younger generation in Israel. Itamar is enthusiastic about leading discussions an delivering lectures on various topics encompassing the history of the State of Israel, Middle Eastern geopolitics, the Israeli-Arab conflict, desert agriculture and his volunteering with the Arava Search & Rescue Unit.

This meeting is open to registered Republicans, open-minded independents and our invited guests. Please bring a friend, and share word of this meeting with your contacts. Registration is required. Register by clicking here. The event is free, but we would welcome your making a donation on the registration page to support our efforts.

Registration is required for this event. While the event is free, we’d appreciate you making a donation to support our efforts. You may register by clicking here(Registration link updated 02/25/2024.)

We’d appreciate it if you’d consider making a donation to support our efforts. Click here to make a donation to RCRC.

Our meeting details:

Date: Wednesday, March 6th

Start time: 6 p.m. (doors open at 5:30)

Where: We meet at the Hilton Auditorium at Rockingham County Nursing Home, 117 North Road, Brentwood.

Accessing our meeting: Looking at the nursing home building from the street, pull into the first driveway entrance (left side of the property). As you circle the building, the Hilton Auditorium is the first doorway behind the building (on the right as you look at the back of the building; look for the Hilton Auditorium sign). Park there and enter through that doorway. Do not seek to access the building through any other entrance.

Rockingham County Republican Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month.