County Leadership

Executive Board Members

  • Chair
    Jason B. Grosky
    [email protected]
  • Vice Chair
    Tim Comerford
    [email protected]
  • Treasurer
    Bill Smith
    [email protected]
  • Secretary
    Sandy Geisler
    [email protected]
  • Assistant Secretary
    Joanne Meyer
    [email protected]
  • Area 1 Chair
    Srinivasan “Ravi” RavikumarĀ 
    [email protected]
  • Area 2 Chair
    Lilli Walsh
    [email protected]
  • Area 3 Chair
    Emily Sandblade
    [email protected]
  • Finance Chairman
    DJ Burke
  • Data Director
  • The Rockingham State Committee Members and their invited guests meet quarterly on TBA of each month (virtually during Covid). The next meeting for the Rockingham State Committee Members will be TBA. All registered Republicans in Rockingham County are welcome to join us but there is no official role at Executive Board meetings.
    When we host guests and other programs, the business meetings are conducted afterwards.